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I’m working on strenghthening my intuitive skill with reading Oracle cards and I need your help! But this is a win-win situation here! You get a free Oracle card reading!!

Check to see if you align with my reading style below, send me your question, get your reading from me and fill out a quick feedback survey.

Please read the following before filling out the form at the bottom (so you won’t have any surprises!).


Predictions: In my beliefs, time is not linear and energies are always changing. I can tell you where a situation may me headed, but I will also interpret advice to move towards a better outcome based on what is portrayed by the cards.

Yes/No Questions: As with predictions, energies are always changing! Again, I can tell you where things are headed based on the energy. In my opinion, better quality readings don’t start with yes or no questions. I will answer all questions as best as I can.

Questions or General: I am trying to focus on reading for others with a question. I feel like I can go deeper and strengthen my abilities better. I would prefer you had a question, but I will gladly do a general reading for you to see what comes up.

Please give me a Back Story to your question and situation as best as you can. I am a card reader, not a psychic. How I interpret the cards is strongly based on your question and back story.

See the cards as a mentor, offering guidance and advice. I am not here to take over your life and tell you what to do. I will simply offer you what the cards have to say during the reading. You are in the driver’s seat and it is up to you to decide if the advice is valuable or if you will take any action. I am not responsible for actions inspired by your reading. My goal is to guide you, not draw the map for you.

Using the cards as a tool for healing, growth & self love is my focus. Being more aware in every day life, being concious of my actions, healing the inner shadow-self (and learning to love it!) is a way of life I am working towards. These are the types of readings I am most excited to explore with myself and others.

I am not a medium. I do not believe that I can communicate directy with your deceased loved ones using tarot and oracle cards. But the cards have advice to give for your growth in situations of loss.

I will not do readings for 3rd parties. In my opinion, it is unethical for me to do a reading if it is regarding someone else’s actions or emotions etc. My hope is to help you gain insight into your own situations and help you make better decisions for yourself, not someone else. I will also not do any readings concerning health or financial matters, please seek a professional for these matters.

After you receive your free reading I would appreciate feedbackI will send you a link to a very short survey to make leaving feedback super easy for you! Doing readings for others in itself is a great experience. But if you leave me feedback I will know what I need to work on and focus on improving.

I have the right to refuse to do your reading for any reason. Unfortunately this must be stated here, but hopefully I will not need to exercise this right.

Love & Light! I look forward to reading for you <3

Oracle Card Reading

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Hi! I’m Reggie!

I’m 26 and I’m from a small town in Southern-Ontario, Canada. Welcome to my little space on the net! Just a simple little blog to track and share my journey :). I'm an aspiring tarot and oracle card reader with an interest in anything spiritual. Follow me as I learn, grow and discover the magic that is the universe. ...more



Hi! I’m Reggie!

I’m 26 and I’m from a small town in Southern-Ontario, Canada. Welcome to my little space on the net! ...learn more!

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